Each State is covered by a range of insurance policies to protect assets, volunteers, members and employees, including:

  • Public liability
  • Volunteer personal accident
  • Industry special risk insurance
  • General property
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Marine and Aviation (some states only)
  • Motor vehicle.

Public Liability

This is a nationally facilitated policy, and it is designed to protect the Association, all members and volunteers from actions brought against the Association where liability if a person is injured or property is damaged and the Association is alleged or found to be, Legally Liable.  Being found ‘Legally Liable’ can arise by simply not taking precautions against a situation which could have been reasonably foreseen.  The risk management practices of the organisation are designed to minimise the risk of this negligence.  Nevertheless, this insurance policy allows State Girl Guide Organisations to be compensated in the event that a third party sues or wishes to make the organisation legally liable or financially responsible for our negligence.

The Public Liability Certificate of Currency is held by the State Office.

Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance

This policy protection is facilitated on a state-by-state basis.

Generally, as may vary by State, Personal Accident coverage is provided to all financial members and insured persons engaged in voluntary work or authorised Girl Guiding activities. This includes direct travel to and from these activities.

Coverage generally provides support to the injured by way of financial assistance for non-medicare medical expenses and other expenses as covered by the policy.

All relevant State Girl Guide Organisation policies and procedures must be followed for it to be valid. If a serious accident or incident occurs the State Girl Guiding Office must be contacted immediately.  Following any accident or incident the Unit Leader is required to take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss, damage or injury. The Unit Leader or Leader in Charge notes all relevant details such as time, date, name of third parties and witnesses, etc. and completes a Girl Guide Incident Form – all forms can be found here.  It is also advisable to keep any damaged property, take pictures as evidence and keep invoices of new property.

There are other insurances that assist our Girl Guide members, including some for Group Travel.

For further information, contact the relevant State Girl Guide Office.

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