Activities Manual

“Life without adventure would be deadly dull”  – Lord Baden Powell

Welcome to a one stop shop for all your adventure-based activity needs!

This online Activities Manual is designed as a one stop shop for members wishing to undertake adventure-based activities.

When choosing an adventure-based activity, Leaders should take into consideration the age, experience, needs and nature of the participants so that everyone has an opportunity for enjoyment and to challenge herself. Leadership, equipment and preparation must be of a very high standard. The procedures apply to all adventure-based activities and are minimum requirements of Girl Guides Australia. More stringent conditions may be enforced if considered necessary.

The number of activities included on this site is being continually updated, and is not an indication that a particular activity cannot be undertaken. Girl Guides Australia does not allow participation in some activities under any circumstances. Visit the Adventure-based Activities FAQs for more information.

Click on ‘Activities’ on the menu to access the Manual and view the full list of available activities.

Last Modified: 06/11/18 at 3:46 PM