Activities Manual

Welcome to our online Activities Manual which is designed to be a one stop shop for members wishing to undertake adventure-based activities.
To view the full list of available activities visit Activities Manual – Guide Lines.

Girl Guides Australia asks that you first note:

  • The relevant Good Practice Guide (GPG) of the Australian Adventure Activity Standards to make sure the best practices possible are being followed.
  • Girl Guides Australia First Aid Requirements (2023) 
  • List of activities not allowed by Girl Guides Australia
  • All Guiding activities on water must be carried out according to the current Australian standard on Lifejackets. Anyone boating or planning on setting sail needs to be aware that under the latest Australian Standard on lifejackets, lifejackets must contain the Australian Standards number – AS4758 – printed somewhere on the jacket’s label. This standard replaces old lifejackets sold in Australia before 2010 and those that contain Australian Standards numbers AS1512, AS1499 and AS2260.
  • The procedures apply to all adventure-based activities and are minimum requirements of Girl Guides Australia.  More stringent conditions may be enforced if considered necessary.
  • Leadership, equipment and preparation must be of a very high standard.

Leaders must always take into consideration the:

  • age
  • experience
  • needs and
  • nature of the participants so that everyone has an opportunity for enjoyment and to challenge herself.

Adventure-based activities require completion of the CURRENT version of these national forms:

  • Risk Assessment Plan for Outdoor Activities (ADM.56b)
  • Camp/Adventure-based/Event Notification Application (OUT.01)
  • Camp/Adventure-based/Event Report (OUT.03)
  • Activity Consent Form for Youth Members (ADM.27)
  • Adult Information Form for Activities (ADM.28)

Forms are updated and the completion of current versions is essential to remain compliant Forms – Guide Lines.


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