Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

The purpose of the Special Funds is to provide partial or total funding for selected events and projects which will be for the long-term benefit of the Girl Guide Movement and its members, both in Australia and throughout the world.

The funding will be provided by the Award of a grant, which will be in keeping with the intent of the Special Funds and in line with the Strategic Plan of Girl Guides Australia.

Eleanor Manning Fund

The Eleanor Manning Fund is available to assist an Australian Trainer to attend a selected training event within the Asia Pacific Region.

Applications are made using the Special Purpose Fund Application Form.

There are no age requirements.

This Fund was established in memory of Eleanor Manning, O.B.E. Miss Manning was Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Australia from 1955 to 1962. Eleanor Manning was a Trainer who served in a medical team in the Guide International Service (GIS) in Singapore and Malaya in 1946. In later years she was particularly concerned with supporting Girl Guiding in the Asia Pacific Region, including serving on the Sangam Committee. She was the first Australian to become a member of the Executive Committee of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 1960 to 1969. She was Acting Director of the World Bureau from January-August, 1969. During World War II, Miss Manning was a Major in the Australian Women’s Army Service, when she was Controller for NSW and Deputy Controller for the Commonwealth of Australia. She was a founder of the Australia -Singapore-Malaysia Association and was the first chairman of the women’s committee of the Australia-Britain Society.

Irene Fairbairn Fund

The Irene Fairbairn Fund is available to assist members attending events in Australia and overseas.

The age requirements for the funding are:

  • 13-35 years for Australian events; and 
  • 16-35 years for overseas events.

Applications are made using the Special Purpose Fund Application Form.

The Irene Fairbairn Travel Fund was established in recognition of Irene Florence Fairbairn, C.B.E., Honorary Federal Secretary from 1938 to 1947, first Federal Commissioner of Girl Guides Australia from 1947 to 1952, and Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Australia from 1952 to 1955. It was in this role that in 1947, due to wartime rations, she arranged for Australian Guides to send dried fruit to England for Princess Elizabeth’s wedding cake. Irene Fairbairn supported Guiding in many capacities from State Commissioner for Victoria (1958-1963), Australian Vice President (1957-1970) to the Australian Appeal Director for the World Centre in Sangam, India. Irene Fairbairn was awarded the Silver Fish (1947), O.B.E. (1963) C.B.E. (1969). She was the first Chairman of the Irene Fairbairn Award Fund.

The Gregory Fellowship

The Gregory Fellowship is available for special projects undertaken by individuals or groups, which will benefit Girl Guides Australia and its members.

Applications are forwarded to Girl Guides Australia on a Special Purpose Fund Application Form for endorsement by the Chief Commissioner, State Commissioner, or other appropriate person.

There are no age requirements.

The Gregory Fellowship Fund was established in 1991 by Mr. Reg Gregory with a donation of $100,000 from the Sidney Myer Fund. Mr. Gregory was secretary of the Sidney Myer Fund for 48 years, trustee for 12 years, former treasurer of the Girl Guides Association of Victoria, foundation member, and a former director of the Olave Baden-Powell Society.

Wilma Torney Fund

The Wilma Torney Fund is available to assist in learning and development.

An annual award is made to assist a Trainer to attend a specialised event or training to provide a resource to assist Trainers or to support the delivery of training in an area of need.

The Special Funds Committee oversees applications. Applications are made using the Special Purpose Fund Form.

Wilma Torney dedicated much of her life to Guiding, being amongst other things a Girl Guide Leader in Victoria and Queensland for 30 years from 1946, with a large number Girl Guides from her Unit achieving their Queen’s Guide Award. She was a Trainer (especially in camp craft) in the early 1970s; District, Division, and Region Commissioner, Region Training Adviser, and Queensland then Australian Post Box Secretary.

Wilma was a member of the Queensland State Council for 18 years, of their Executive for 8 years, and a member of the Aspley Trefoil Guild for 15 years. Wilma was recognised with the Emu Award (1972), Bar to the Emu Award (1995), and a 50-year Long Service Award (1996).

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