Adult Badges

Badges signify membership, position or achievement and may be worn as appropriate.


Worn by a member to signify a qualification or achievement.


Worn by a member to signify position.

  • District Manager: silver diamond shape with pale blue border.
  • Region Manager: silver diamond shape with royal blue border.
  • State Commissioner: silver diamond shape with orange border.
  • Assistant or Deputy State Commissioner: silver diamond shape with orange border with ‘A’ superimposed.
  • Assistant Chief Commissioner: gold diamond shape with ‘A’ superimposed.
  • Chief Commissioner: gold diamond shape.

Australian Friendship

May be worn by all members when not wearing uniform and can be given to other World Association members.


Worn by members of the Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides.

Leadership Qualification

Worn by adult members who have completed the Leadership Qualification of the Australian Learning and Qualification Program for their role as Unit Leader, Assistant Unit Leader or Outdoors Leader.


Worn by a member who has made the Guide Promise


Worn by members for special celebrations, achievements or occasions, usually for a limited time. These badges must be approved by the Board of Girl Guides Australia, Australian Program Committee or the State Executive/Board. The Australian Program Committee must be informed of special badges for girls arranged by States.

Trefoil Guild

Worn by a member of a Trefoil Guild on affirmation or reaffirmation of the Guide Promise.

World Badge

Worn by all members who have made the Guide Promise. It can be worn both in and out of uniform.

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