Adventure-Based Activities

An adventure-based activity is one which contains a significant element of risk to those taking part. Girl Guides Australia requires the person in charge to have specific knowledge and skills relevant to the activity and/or to ensure that the instructors have relevant qualifications.

For a list of all Adventure-Based Activities, go to the Activities Manual

Safety rules apply to all members, at all times, and are to be strictly observed. This can save lives and also protect members from litigation.

All Adventure-based activities require completion of:

Activities Not Approved or Covered by Insurance

Girl Guides are not allowed to participate in these activities under any circumstances.

  • Bow hunting (and other similar weapons-based activities)
  • Bungee jumping
  • DIY flying foxes (unless constructed by a Scout or Guide Leader who has a current abseiling qualification and demonstrated skill at construction and rope maintenance)
  • Paintball
  • Self-guided caving

There may be activities (eg. Archery Tag, Laser Skirmish) which, while covered by insurance, Girl Guides Australia recommends consideration be given to choosing an alternative, more appropriate activity. Please contact your State Outdoors Activity Manager.


Adventure Activities Qualification

Girl Guides Australia recognises the Australian Qualification Framework qualification and Statements of Attainment issued by Registered Training Organisations. Permission to use instructors with these qualification for Girl Guiding activities must be obtained from the relevant State Girl Guide Organisation.

Qualifications for conducting Adventure-based activities require a minimum qualification of Provide First Aid certificate or equivalent.

General Rules for all Adventure-Based Activities

The following are the General Rules for Adventure-Based Activities:

  1. The responsibility for activities rests with the Leader/Manager concerned. They can stop the activity at any time.
  2. An instructor must have the necessary experience and qualifications. The qualifications of Leaders/Managers or instructors carrying out ALL adventure-based activities must be confirmed by the relevant State Outdoor Activities Manager.
  3. The Leader-in-Charge must:
  • Be a qualified Leader/Manager;
  • Obtain permission from the District or Region Manager and the appropriate State Guiding personnel by completing Adventure-based Activity permission form (OUT 1)
  • Complete RISK ASSESSMENT AND PLAN (Outdoor activities and events and camps) (ADM 56B) 
  • Ensure the activity is adequately covered by the insurance policy of Girl Guides Australia and, if applicable, the body controlling the intended activity;
  • For Adventure-based activities, ensure an Activity Consent Form (ADM.27 ) is received from a parent or guardian of each participant under the age of 18 years and
  • An Adult Information Form for activities (ADM 28) from each participant 18 years and over.
  • Ensure the guidelines for the specific activities are followed.

Supervision requirements.

The requisite Adult to Girl ratios are found at Ratios at a Glance.

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