The following is the current list of Girl Guides Australia Policies and Position Statements.  Please click on the policy to find out more information.

Please note:

  • policies are updated as they are approved by the Board of GGA
  • policies may vary between Girl Guide State organisations depending on State legislation and regulations.

With the introduction of the Child Safe Child Friendly Framework in October 2021 some policies have been discontinued as those policies have been included as Procedures within the Child Safe Child Friendly Framework.

Please refer to 7. Health and Safety for:

  • Administration of Medication
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Food Handling
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sun Protection
  • Transport

Please refer to 10. Girl Guiding in Practise for:

  • Additional Needs
  • Administration of Support Groups
  • Engagement and Activities with Scouts and Other Organisations
  • International Events and Travel
  • Outdoor and Adventure-based Activities
  • Supervision Ratios
  • Street Collections

Insurance information


Advocacy in Girl Guiding in Australia

Adult Good Service Awards and Membership Recognition Policy

Child Safe Child Friendly Organisation


Diversity & Inclusion

Grievance Resolution Policy (for Girl Guides Australia)


Media Response Plan

People and Performance Management Policy


Risk Management

Social Media


Whistleblower Policy (for Girl Guides Australia)

Position Statements



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