Adventure-based Activities FAQs

What is an adventure-based activity?

An adventure-based activity is one that contains an element of risk to those taking part. Girl Guides Australia requires the person in charge to have specific knowledge and skills relevant to the activity or to ensure that the instructors have such knowledge and skills.

What happened to the list of adventurous and not-so-adventurous activities?

This list was a guide only and Girl Guides Australia encourages members to participate in all kinds of adventure-based activities, recognising that everyone has a different perception of an adventure and that adventures take place in all environments.

Where can I get ideas for adventure-based activities?

Check out the Girl Guides Australia Activities Manual. But don’t let this limit your imagination!

Are there any activities that we can’t do?

Girl Guides are not allowed to participate in these activities under any circumstances.

  • Caving at unapproved caving sites, which includes all caving sites on private property.
  • Crossbow hunting & shooting activities involving live ammunition in an uncontrolled environment
  • DIY Flying Fox or the like that is not made by a Scout or Guide Leader with Flying Fox Qualifications
  • Fireball soccer, hockey or similar

My activity is not listed, can I still do it?

Probably! The Activities Manual is constantly being updated so be sure to check back regularly for new activities to give you guidance.

Consider if the activity you wish to undertake is routine and/or predictable, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I/we doing? (Activity)
  • What can go wrong? (Identifying the hazard and assessing risk)
  • What can I do to make safe? (Controlling the risk)

Discuss with your District Manager or relevant State personnel as required.  Please provide feedback on the Activity Manual website if you think of an awesome activity that could be included.

What do I need to do to organise an adventure-based activity?

For all adventure-based activities you will need:

  • Risk Assessment Plan for Outdoor Activities (ADM.56b)
  • Camp/Adventure-based/Event Notification Application (OUT.01)
  • Camp/Adventure-based/Event Report (OUT.03)
  • Activity Consent Form for Youth Members (ADM.27)
  • Adult Information Form for Activities (ADM.28)

Forms – Guide Lines 


  • Activity Provider Risk Management Plan and LiC recognises that the activity is a routine and predictable activity for their unit – ask the 3 Questions

What are we about to do? (activity)
What can go wrong? (hazard)
What can I do to make it safe? (control measure)

You can also refer to the Activities Manual for activity specific information.

When do I need to complete a Camp/Adventure-based/Event Notification Application?

A Camp/Adventure-based/Event Notification Application (OUT.01) is required when the activity you are undertaking:

  • requires a qualified Activity Instructor; and
  • any other activity that is not routine and/or predictable.

Do I need an Activity Instructor for an adventure-based activity?

Refer to the Activities Manual for each specific activity.

Can I use an outside provider to run the activity for me?


Can I sign a waiver on behalf of a Youth Member?

No, a Leader cannot sign a waiver on behalf of a Girl Guide unless they are the parent/guardian of that Girl Guide.

What do I do if an Activity Provider asks participants to sign a waiver?

Waivers need to be provided to and signed by parents/ guardians prior to the Girl Guide participating in the activity.


Where can I find the relevant forms?

Refer to Forms & Modules.

Your State organisation may have additional forms and/or processes.  Discuss with your District Manager or relevant State personnel.

If you are undertaking an adventure-based activity, refer to the Activities Manual, the relevant forms are listed in each activity.

Do I need to fill in all the fields of a Camp/Adventure-based/Event Notification Application (OUT.01)?

No, you just need to complete the information relevant to your activity.  If you need clarification please consult your District Manager or relevant State personnel.


Last Modified: 27/06/23 at 8:39 PM