Girl Guide Activities

Girl Guiding happens at weekly meetings… and is much more. Sleepovers, adventure activities and camps are all Girl Guide activities that enhance the program. Detailed information on the guide lines and administrative requirements for Guide activities is contained in Guide Lines.  As the District Manager or Region Manager, your role is to encourage and support outdoor and extended activities while ensuring that appropriate paperwork including risk management is completed in a timely way.  Your responsibilities are to

  • ensure the right forms are used for all sleepovers, camps, expeditions, adventure activities and to receive these forms
  • check the Unit’s plans against Guide Lines rules for sleepovers, camp and adventure activities and
  • review the risk management plan
  • sign and send forms on according to State processes
  • maybe arrange an Outdoor Skills Assessor with Region if applicable
  • receive and process the camp/activity report form after the event.

Last Modified: 27/06/23 at 6:53 PM