Management of Australian Guiding

The Management of Australian Guiding is overseen by a number of key executive committees. These committees are responsible for the implementation of the national strategic plan. Its role is to provide strategic advice to Girl Guides Australia (GGA) and support the development and implementation of its strategic plan and to facilitate achievement of the mission, aims, objectives and programs of Girl Guides Australia as part of delivering Guiding to the members of the State Girl Guide Organisations.

The management of the national organization is led by the Chief Executive Officer with the Management Advisory Committee (MAC) with key input from the Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee and Risk Management Committee.

Management Advisory Committee

The MAC is designed to support the work of GGA and realise the commitment that all SGGO’s have made to a national mission of Guiding in Australia.

Acting within the boundaries of the GGA strategic plan, and using this plan to provide direction to the work of the committee, the MAC consists of:

  • SGGO – Victoria – CEO
  • SGGO – QLD – SEO
  • SGGO – NT – SEO (or equivalent)
  • SGGO – WA – SEO
  • SGGO – SA – SEO
  • SGGO – Tasmania – SEO
  • National Manager, Program
  • National Manager, International
  • National Manager, Learning and Development
  • National Manager, Olave Program
  • National Manager, Outdoor Activities
  • Chief Executive Officer, Girl Guides Australia who is also the Chair

Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee (MCMC)

The purpose of the MCMC is to coordinate implementation and execution of national marketing and communications policy as it relates to:

  • Communications policies and national marketing strategies and the national style guide
  • Creation and implementation of, marketing and communications tools that are in keeping with the national style guide and associated strategies
  • Advice to Girl Guides Australia and its stakeholders, on best practice approaches to effectively market and communicate the benefits of Guiding to our customers and the wider public.

It is the responsibility of the MCMC to maintain free and open communication between the MCMC, the members of MAC and the Guiding Operations Committee, and with any relevant advisors. In implementing its charter, the MCMC will work across all  levels of the Girl Guides Australia management structure.

Risk Management Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Risk Management committee is to  provide advice and support to the GGA Board, and its Members, to enable the Board to make informed decisions based on assessed risk outcomes. This includes:

  • Providing advice and support the GGA Board and its Member organisations to develop and maintain a contemporary risk management framework and policy.
  • Identifying and evaluating key risks that may threaten the achievement of GGA’s mission and goals; and to maintain a register of these risks and the responses to them.
  • Review and recommend any updates to the GGA Risk Management Framework, Risk Management Policy and procedures at least annually to ensure currency and relevance.
  • Review, advise and regularly report to the Board of GGA in respect of all risk management issues
  • Liaise with other GGA committees where risk management input is advisable



Girl Guides Australia is based in Sydney and the team itself stretches across Australia and comprises of:

Chief Executive OfficerThe CEO is responsible for working with the GGA Board and Management Advisory Team to develop and implement National GGA strategy (GGA Strategic and subsequent Plans) and is responsible for negotiating the priorities, resourcing and tracking of these plans to effective completion.
Company SecretaryTo assist the CEO and Chair of the Board with the day to day management of the Board and its Committees. Support the work of the Board and Committee members to ensure that the governance of Girl Guides Australia effectively discharge their duties.
National Finance AdministratorWorks to provide accurate financial record management and budget assistance for Girl Guides Australia
National International Manager and Travel CoordinatorManages matters associated with international strategies, projects and programs for Girl Guides Australia, including organisational collaboration, international education for youth and adult members and international events.
National Learning and Development Manager and Assistant(s)Manages matters related to volunteer learning and development for Girl Guides Australia.
National Marketing and Communications OfficerThis role is responsible for the day to day coordination and implementation of marketing and communication activities of Girl Guides Australia.
National Office AdministratorThe National Office Administrator performs a variety of specialized and office administrative services to support the smooth function of the National Office in its delivery of services to both internal and external customers.
National Olave Program Manager and Assistant(s)

Manages the ongoing development and growth of the Olave Program, ensuring its relevance to young women in today’s society.

Provides a young women’s perspective to the management of Girl Guides Australia (GGA) and help facilitate opportunities for young women to have a voice in decision-making within the organisation.

National Outdoors Program Manager and Assistant(s)Manages matters associated with outdoor strategies, projects and programs for Girl Guides Australia including organisational collaboration, outdoor education for youth and adult members and outdoor event
National Policy OfficerThe Policy Officer coordinates and supports the development of agreed national operations policy for Australian Girl Guiding. The role supports key stakeholders (staff, volunteers, committees) as they scope, draft, review, validate and finally have approved, national policy as it applies to how Australian Girl Guides operate and deliver their program to the community. The Policy Officer also coordinates the development and monitoring of implementation strategies that will be rolled out after policy has been approved.
National Program Manager and Assistant(s)Manages matters related to youth programs for Girl Guides Australia.
National Project and Change ManagerTo assist Girl Guides Australia design and execute project plans that will realize the achievement of the national Strategic Plan.
National Social Media CoordinatorReporting  to the National Marketing and Communications Officer, this role assists coordinating and sustainably growing the Girl Guides Australia (GGA) social media presence
National Trefoil Guild AdvisorProvides coordination and management of the program of work for the Trefoil Guild

Further information on the members of this team can be found on the GGA Website.

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