Tips for Completing FormsGGA and the State Offices are working to reduce the number of forms and in cases to digitise processes.  However a number of processes and procedures still require a form or some type of notification to start things moving.  There is a mix of forms – either GGA or SGGO – largely determined by whether it reflects a national or State policy.  States have all the current forms you need on the members’ areas of their websites.  Regardless of where the form originates from you need to be clear on those a Manager is required to complete, those which a Manager needs to sign and those a Manager doesn’t need to deal with.

If you have a query on whether a form is needed or what form is needed, and you haven’t been able to find it  on the SGGO website, contact the State support staff.  If completing paperwork is not your strength, identify someone in your team who may be able (and like) to complete administrative tasks.

Most States publish an annual timetable of when key forms need to be forwarded by Districts and Regions to State Office, e.g.

  • inventory of assets / equipment
  • maintenance reports
  • lease renewal
  • AGM reports
  • audited statement of accounts
  • training requests.

If you are a Region Manager you may wish to put together a schedule for your own Region of when forms should be submitted and publish it at the beginning of the year.

Last Modified: 23/05/23 at 1:41 PM