ALQPAustralian Leadership and Qualification Program
AGPAustralian Guide Program
BPLord Baden-Powell, our Founder
Code of ConductRequirements to which all adult members must adhere
District Support TeamTeam of adults in a District, including Leaders and non-members who wish to support Guiding
District MeetingMeeting of Unit Leaders with the District Manager
District Team GatheringGathering of all adult members of the District Team plus Junior Leaders
FounderLord Baden-Powell
GuideAny girl or woman who has made the Guide Promise
Guide LinesPolicy, organisation and rules of Girl Guides Australia
Junior LeaderFinancial youth member, aged fourteen to seventeen years, developing their leadership skills through a commitment to a Unit of younger Guides.
Lady BPLady Baden-Powell, World Chief Guide
LeaderWoman aged eighteen years or over committed to the principles of Guiding, who has completed a GGA Leadership qualification and is appointed to a leadership role.
Leadership QualificationGGA qualification for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders and Outdoors Leaders.
Learning PartnerAn experienced Leader or Manager specially trained to assist new Leaders or Managers become qualified.
LICLeader-in-Charge of a Guiding event or activity
Management QualificationGGA Management Qualification for District Managers, Assistant District Managers, Region Managers and Assistant Region Managers.
NONational Office
Olave ProgramFramework for members aged eighteen to thirty years to engage in opportunities for personal challenge through a flexible network, with a focus on service
Outdoors LeaderLeader appointed to a District or Region to assist others to provide outdoor activities for Guides following completion of the Outdoors Leadership Qualification.
Passportabbreviated form of Qualification Passport – the learning workbook for completing a Leadership, Management  or Learning & Development Qualification.
PatrolGroup of Guides formed within a Unit, usually with four to six girls
Promise and LawPrinciples of Guiding
Promise CeremonyCeremony at which a girl, Leader or other adult female member makes her Promise.
Region gatheringMeeting of Region members
Region meetingMeeting of District Managers and other members of the Region team with the Region Manager
Resource LeaderQualified Leader specialising in one or more areas of the program
State CommissionerResponsible for all Guiding in the State
Subs/Unit subscriptionMonetary contribution to Unit funds
Support GroupTeam of adults within a District who wish to support Guiding but are not members
Thinking Day FundEstablished to support and promote Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting throughout the world wherever the need is greatest; administered by the World Bureau
TrainerLeader holding a GGA Learning & Development Qualification and appointed as a Trainer.
Trefoil GuildAn adult section of the organisation that links female members of Guiding and Scouting who have made their Promise and that gives support to Guiding and the community
UnitGroup of Guides of varying age groups/interests
Unit HelperFemale member who assists the Unit Leader in a part time capacity
Unit LeaderAdult working in a leadership role within a Unit and holding the Unit Leadership Qualification
WAGGGSWorld Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
World Chief GuideLady Baden-Powell
World Thinking Day22 February – special day world-wide in Guiding to celebrate the joint birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell
Youth memberGuides aged five up to eighteen years




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