Sharing Best Practice and Resources Across Units

A major benefit of visiting your Units will be gathering information on new ideas, what is working well, and an understanding of membership progression.  At District meetings, your Leaders will provide reports on what they are doing, but your first-hand experience can be used to stimulate sharing in more detail.  Just as importantly, you can praise the Unit leadership team in front of their colleagues at a District meeting.

Many Districts maintain a simple library as a resource for Leaders and Girl Guides on activities, challenges, awards, and badges, together with sets of the Girl Guide Handbooks.  If you have a library or wish to start one, be on the lookout for bargain books, audio and visual resources, board games, prepared activity material, and other suitable items for inclusion. Encourage the girls and Leaders to add to the library, particularly items they have developed themselves.

Your Leaders will also have their own program ideas, activity sheets, and written and audio-visual material resource files.  Encourage your Leaders to share their resources and make time at your meetings to discuss programming ideas. Check out your State Magazine for helpful hints, department reports, and activity ideas.

Some of the websites which your Leaders might find useful include:

In addition, each State website contains information on programming ideas and current partnerships.  You should keep an eye on this and make sure your Leaders are accessing the site for news and activities.

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