Volunteer Management

Leading your team will be one of your most rewarding experiences as a Manager.  Even if you have plenty of team management experience in your professional life, leading a team of volunteers is different.  Research shows people volunteer when:

  • there is a good match with their professional talents and capabilities
  • their contribution is continually recognised
  • there is high quality and meaningful training
  • they have strong, honest and authentic leadership.

Girl Guides Australia is addressing the organisational factors with more investment in learning and development and adoption of new, integrated and professional approaches to volunteer management.  How you behave is critical too – adult members will look to you as representing the organisation and will expect you to support them, recognise them and make Guiding an easy and worthwhile organisation to volunteer with.  In the past many women who undertook roles in Guiding did not have professional or work commitments, but this is not the case today.  At all times it’s important to keep in mind that the volunteers are not employees and that Guiding is only one part of their life – hard as that might be to believe at times!

Last Modified: 13/07/16 at 11:27 AM