Support Group Meetings

Agenda for Support Group Meeting

The Support Group should meet regularly, at least once a term.  All matters relating to the smooth administration of the District are discussed and decisions made at the meeting.  These discussions may relate to:

  • plans for the positive promotion of Guiding to the community
  • support and resources needed by the Leaders and Guides
  • support for Leaders’ membership and training costs
  • involvement in District events
  • what is happening nationally and internationally
  • the provision or maintenance of Unit meeting premises
  • the overall financial situation.

The Support Group meeting will generally start with a reading and welcome.  Standard items of business will include apologies, minutes, correspondence, treasurer’s report, District Manager’s report and reports from any sub-committees.  Refer to your State guidelines to see if there is a standard format or look at previous minutes.

Sample Agenda

Minutes Template

The District Manager’s report should include information on District activities, requests of support from Leaders, future plans or proposals and news from Region, State, GGA and WAGGGS.


Making Decisions

Decisions should generally be made by the consensus of those attending.  A motion will be decided by a simple majority but requires the agreement of at least two office bearers.  If there is a tied vote, the president has the casting vote.  An executive committee, comprising District Manager, president, secretary and treasurer may make decisions between meetings if absolutely necessary.  These decisions are then ratified at the next meeting.  The number constituting a quorum at any Support Group meeting should be set at the Annual General Meeting.

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