Enabling Great Guiding

Great Guiding is dependent upon the leadership team at every level doing its best to ensure every member has the best possible Guiding experience.  You directly add value to the experience of every youth member through visiting Units, taking an active role at District and Region events, planning the development of your area, building relationships with the Support Group and keeping your ear to the ground for new ideas.

Your overwhelming concern is that the Guiding which is happening in your District or Region is great.  You might spend some time at one of your meetings brainstorming what great Guiding looks like.  Your conclusions might include for example.

  • Girls able to access exciting, fun, challenging activities routinely, inside and outside the Unit meeting place
  • Opportunities to explore the outdoors and / or stay away at camps and sleepovers
  • Routes to progress to other Units as the Guides get older and within Units by taking positions in the Patrols
  • Girls having a focus on their place in the world and a confidence to make positive change
  • Girls and young women demonstrating leadership skills and taking on positions of responsibility
  • Parents excited about the opportunities Guiding gives to their girls and keen to support Guiding
  • Girls living the Promise and Law inside and outside Guiding.

Whatever checklist you come up with, it can be used by you and your team as a quick check on ‘how are we doing?’ and you might want to integrate it into your own planning and review processes.  It might also be something to share with the Guides and the Support Group.

You might also reflect on the content of this Handbook to put together your own checklist on how you are doing, and that might include considering the questions below.

  • Am I committed to continuing to learn?
  • Is this appointment challenging me?
  • Am I sharing best practice across my area?
  • Are my meetings productive and fun?
  • Do I know my team personally?
  • Am I expanding my own Guiding horizons?
  • Do I have good relationships with community organisations?
  • Am I aware of what is happening in other Regions, States and the World Association?
  • Am I fostering fun and friendship in my team by trying new things and encouraging attendance at meetings, trainings and events?
  • Am I living by the Promise and Law?

Whatever your answers to those questions right now, one thing is for sure, by committing as a District Manager or Region Manager you will make a positive difference to the lives of the girls and women in your care. ENJOY!

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