Risks Associated With Loss of Reputation

Reputational risk is the risk of loss resulting from damage to the reputation of GGA or the SGGOs.  It might be an outcome of a risk in the areas already discussed e.g. major accident or child protection issue, or it might be related to the quality of the Program which is being delivered or the way any other issues have been addressed.

Media – Emergency Response Plan

Guide Lines summarises the media response plan which applies in situations where there is a need for medical or rescue operations or a matter likely to generate community concern and/or adverse media interest.  It applies for example in motor vehicle accidents, groups lost on expeditions, financial scandal, natural disaster or complaints and concerns about discrimination as well as unsuitable sponsorship.  Each State has a Leader’s guide to the Media Emergency Response Plan which is available on the State website.

Emergencies are classified according to how serious they are.

  • Class 3 – generally at Unit, District or Region level and can be immediately brought under control without outside assistance and without attracting media attention, e.g. short-term “missing person”, short-term health issue or parent complaint.
  • Class 2 – generally at Region or State level and likely to generate media interest, e.g. Guide group becomes lost or perceived discrimination.
  • Class 1 – generally at State or National level and require significant outside assistance and generate major media interest, e.g. major fire or natural disaster.

Leaders should notify the District or Region Manager as soon as possible if there is an incident or issue which may necessitate the media response plan.  The State Executive Officer must be informed immediately of any Class 1 or 2 issues.  Your responsibility is to ascertain the severity of the situation, ensure all those involved record accurately what happened and to ensure there is no media comment, unless directed to by the State Girl Guide Office.  Often all that is required is completing the Accident or Incident Report form, see above.

To keep Leaders and Managers confident in using the media response plan it can be placed on the agenda at a relevant meeting, using “what if” scenarios to stimulate discussion.

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