Risk Review and Reporting

Risk assessments should be recorded, unless the activity being assessed is based within a Unit, and the risk rating is low, and existing controls are appropriate.

Girl Guide Unit risk assessments that are recorded should be kept and maintained and retained as per the requirements of the relevant SGGO for storage of documents. If stored digitally, all paper copies are to be appropriately destroyed.

For activities outside the Guide Hall, camps, District, Region or State Events, and for assessment of risks associated with governance, people, finance and operations, a record of the risk assessment should be kept. All major projects, and events, must have risk registers established. Medium level risks which are reported to the SGGO should be kept on a central register.

Use the appropriate form for the activity or undertaking being risk assessed to record the risk (see references for forms).


Last Modified: 20/06/24 at 1:53 PM