Integration with Child Safe Child Friendly Framework

Risk management is a critical component of GGiA’s governance arrangements, and is embedded within strategic planning, operational processes, and decision-making structures.

Integrating risk facilitates:

  • strategic planning, operational processes aligning with the outcomes of the risk management process, enabling well informed, risk-based decision making; and
  • the risk process being readily informed and updated (i.e., update/development of risk registers as applicable, and reports) when there are any changes in GGA’s strategy and operating environment

Risk is integrated with GGiA’s key business processes in the following ways:

  • It is aligned with the GGA Child Safe Child Friendly Framework, requiring appropriate risk assessments in advance of Girl Guiding activities.
  • Strategic and business planning is enhanced when the GGiA Leadership are aware of the potential risks faced by GGiA. Updated plans should consider key risk exposures and include as appropriate, relevant risk mitigation strategies. Risk registers are typically reviewed prior to the annual strategic and business planning processes. It is possible that during strategic and business planning new risks may be identified, or existing risks closed, resulting in potential changes and updates to the corporate and strategic direction. Risk register would be consequently amended.
  • Risk registers and relevant risk reports are typically reviewed during budgeting rounds to identify any risks that could impact the estimating and budgeting processes for Girl Guiding organisations. During such processes it is also necessary to identify any new budgeting- related risks.
  • To deliver financial sustainability, it is critical for GGiA to make informed investment decisions and have detailed understanding of the impacts that can affect both internal and external income sources and overall strategic objectives.

Last Modified: 20/06/24 at 2:42 PM