Risk Governance


GGA’s overall Governance Framework has two tiers – the Governing tier and the Operating tier. Each performs a different function but works together to deliver governance excellence and outstanding program delivery of Girl Guiding across Australia.

GGA’s Risk Governance has a parallel structure:

  1. The GGA Board has ultimate responsibility for risk management for GGA. It sets its Risk Appetite, and in conjunction with SGGOs it sets the Risk Appetite for GGiA. The GGA Board has delegated detailed risk management oversight and RMF review to the GGA Finance & Risk Committee (FRC).
  2. The CEO is responsible for the development of the RMF, implementation of risk management for GGA and also manages GGA operational risk.

Each SGGO will manage their Risk Governance using a structure that is appropriate for the SGGO. In many cases, this will include a committee with responsibility for providing oversight and review to the SGGO Board on matters relating to the SGGO or GGiA. However, an SGGO is not required to have a committee for that purpose and may choose to maintain that function within the Board. SGGO Boards will delegate responsibility, to the CEO as they consider appropriate, to meet the risk management needs of the SGGO.

GGA works with SGGOs on risk management matters by its established channels –

Commissioners’ Forum, Chair’s Forum and CEO Forum. There is no direct risk reporting structure between SGGOs and GGA with respect to risk management matters. The RMF is a governance document that is approved by the Boards of GGA and each SGGO, as it applies to all. SGGOs may have supplementary risk management arrangements and documentation that are bespoke to their SGGO. These complement the GGiA RMF, they do not replace it.

GGiA Risk Management Governance Structure

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