Risk Policy

Risk management is the culture, process and structure that is directed towards the effective management of potential opportunities and adverse effects within the Girl Guide environment.

Girl Guiding in Australia (GGiA) is committed to risk management to achieve its goals and maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of its services and dealings with its youth membership, the community, volunteers, government, employees, and infrastructure.

GGiA expects Adults in Guiding to be accountable for their own behaviours, health, and responsibilities within the relevant State Girl Guide Organisation (SGGO) and in the community at large. The Girl Guides Australia (GGA) Risk Management Framework (RMF) requires all Adults in Guiding to be risk aware in the context of management systems, planning processes and practices.

All Adults in Guiding will adopt a culture of risk awareness, where they will play their part to notice, respond to, remove, or reduce all potential or actual risks.

GGiA is committed to embedding risk management principles and practices into its:

  • organisational culture
  • decision making processes
  • business information systems
  • strategic and operational planning of programs and activities; and
  • business and financial processes.

GGA and SGGOs will:

  • pro-actively identify and manage risks and opportunities at all levels
  • strive towards implementation of an effective and integrated risk management framework which will support and strengthen the corporate governance process
  • maintain procedures to provide the organisation with a systematic view of the risks faced during its activities (were appropriate these procedures will be consistent with the Standards Australia risk management standard, AS/NZS ISO13000:2018 – Risk Management)
  • recognise that risk management is an integral function of effective service delivery and not an isolated activity
  • seek to embed risk management into organisational governance and accountability structures, key strategic processes, and decision-making processes
  • incorporate into all management position descriptions a statement covering responsibilities on risk management policy
  • have role-appropriate education and/or training on risk management available for Adults in Guiding; and
  • commit to continual improvement, monitoring and review of all practices as well as to culture, transparency to information, structure, and change.

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