Risk Process

Risk management is not a ‘set and forget’ process but requires ongoing attention and review. That is, it involves identifying, analysing, evaluating, and treating risk. This is shown in the following diagram.

The risk management process is to be used as the basis for all risk assessment activity across GGiA. Specifically, the risk management process:

  • establishes a consistent approach to risk assessment
  • involves a systematic approach to identifying and managing risk from a ‘whole of Guiding’ perspective and engages appropriate stakeholders to enable and deliver a comprehensive, well considered outcome
  • is a comprehensive decision-making tool that can be used to recognise and understand what uncertainties exist in GGiA’s operating environment, and what GGiA can do to manage and treat these; and
  • proactively identifies what possible future events and/or change in circumstances either intended or unintended could occur.

Last Modified: 20/06/24 at 10:33 AM