Having a well-considered, tailored, and practical RMF that provides the necessary guidance for Adults in Guiding and is integrated with GGiA’s key processes and systems is not enough. Risk management is built on and is sustained by a positive organisational culture that promotes risk management as part of every-day decision making. This supports the acceptance, communication, and management of appropriate risk at all levels in the organisation.

GGiA is committed to creating a positive risk culture where risk awareness, appropriate behaviours, attitudes and leadership will drive the effective implementation of the RMF leading to risk management success.

A positive risk culture empowers Adults in Guiding to:

  • adopt good risk management behaviours and practices
  • proactively manage risk as an intrinsic part of their day-to-day work
  • feel confident to be able to speak up to new risks openly and quickly and contribute to practical solutions
  • take accountability for managing risks
  • embrace opportunities when making decisions; and
  • openly share and learn from mistakes and successes.

The importance of the RMF arrangements described in this document in contributing to a positive risk culture is summarised below:

  • Risk Policy: Adults in Guiding will be aware of the GGA’s mission and commitments to risk management and the need for their active contribution in the management of risk
  • Governance: Openness and accountability for risk at every level will drive appropriate behaviours and attitudes
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Managers and supervisors at levels demonstrate their understanding of risk culture through their words and actions
  • Communications and Consultation: Open and transparent communication is a key behaviour to drive risk culture while appropriate levels of consultation contribute to inclusion and ownership
  • Evaluation: Ongoing assessment of key risk performance indicators will provide insight into the ‘status’ of risk culture elements
  • Continuous Improvement: Recognition of the right behaviours and attitudes in driving improved risk management performance will encourage Adults in Guiding to become increasingly committed to risk culture

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