Assistant Unit Leader

Role Description

Assistant Unit Leaders participate fully and equally in the responsibilities of Leadership with the Unit Leader except they do not participate in Administration Management.

Being Part of Guiding in Australia

  • Help and support other members of the Unit team.
  • Share skills, knowledge and resources with other Leaders, Unit Helpers and youth members.
  • Communicate effectively with other Leaders/Managers in the Unit/District/Region.
  • Support new Leaders in the District.

Delivering the Australian Guide Program

  • Facilitate your members to develop and implement an effective and well-balanced program relevant to their needs and interests.
  • Support youth members to further their understanding and application of the Promise and Law.
  • Encourage youth members to progress in the Australian Guide Program.
  • Provide opportunities for youth members to develop and use their leadership skills.
  • Facilitate self-government in the Unit, enabling decisions to be made in a democratic manner.

 Being a Leader of your Unit

  • Take responsibility and accountability for all decisions, activities and matters involving the Unit.
  • Promote Guiding in local community.
  • Lead the Unit as required in the absence of the Unit Leader.

 Risk Awareness

  • Contribute to the health and safety of all members and other adults associated with the Unit.
  • Comply with obligations under the relevant national and state Work Health and Safety Acts.
  • Comply with Girl Guides Australia/State Girl Guides Organisation policy and procedures.
  • Undertake risk assessment and manage risk on an ongoing basis.

Requirements of appointment to the position

  • Member of State Girl Guide Organisation.
  • Hold a Leadership Qualification as an Assistant Unit Leader or Unit Leader.
  • Satisfactory Police and Working with Children checks as required by State Legislation.
  • First Aid Statement of Completion – ‘Provide Basic Emergency Life Support’ – theory only.
  • Acceptance of Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct.

Capabilities and personal attributes

  • Commitment to the principles of Guiding and willingness to make or renew the Guide Promise.
  • Commitment to girls/young women and their development.
  • Ability to be a positive role model.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others and to bring out the best in them.
  • Effective communication skills both one on one and in groups.
  • Capacity and time to undertake the role.

Ongoing requirements

Appointment review

  • ‘New to Role’ Review completed with District Manager six months following appointment.
  • Role currency checks (including First Aid) as required.
  • Participation in Annual Role Review as required.

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