District Manager

Position Description

Primary Position Title:    District Manager

Appointed by and reports to:    Region Manager or equivalent

Key Relationships may include:

  • Region Manager
  • Assistant District Manager
  • District and Region Team members
  • Unit Leaders, Assistant Unit Leaders, and Unit Helpers
  • Parent, Support Group and wider community.

Term of Appointment:    Three years

Primary purpose of the position: 
Provide effective management and leadership of the Guiding District in order to develop adult Leaders and Managers and to enable the delivery of a high quality Australian Guide Program in a safe environment.


1. Leading Guiding

  • Prepare for, chair and follow-up District Meetings.
  • Build collaboration relationships with members of the Unit/District/Region teams.
  • Help and support other adult members.
  • Share skills, knowledge and resources with others.
  • Develop and facilitate an active Support Group Meetings, liaising between the Support Group and the Leaders of the District.
  • Build collaborative relationships with parents and friends of Guiding through development of the Support Group.
  • Foster relationships with parens to stimulate interest in leadership opportunities.
  • Make recommendations regarding the opening, amalgamation or closing of Units with your Region Manager in accordance with your State’s policy and manage the process.
  • Attend meetings and events as required.

2. Leading Your Team

  • Appoint an Assistant District Manager and establish her areas of responsibility.
  • Manage District personnel including recruitment, selection and appointment (including Learning Partners).
  • Manage induction and review processes.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships through the District.
  • Support adults to further their understanding and application of the Promise and Law.
  • Encourage and model succession planning.
  • Meet regularly with the Leaders, and build a highly motivated Leadership team. developing and valuing individual’s skills and talents.
  • Encourage cooperation between Unit Leadership teams.
  • Delegate tasks as appropriate.
  • Provide opportunities for adults to develop and use their leadership skills and other talents.
  • Support new Leaders in the District, and in consultation with the Learning Partner oversee her development, complete Induction responsibilities and sign-off passport activities as appropriate.
  • Recognise and value the contribution of adults in the District.

3. Managing operational risk

  • Care for the health and safety of all members and supporters.
  • Comply with obligations under the relevant national and state Work Health and Safety Acts.
  • Comply with Girl Guides Australia/State Girl Guides Organisation policy and procedures.
  • Ensure that the necessary risk assessments and risk management plans are completed.
  • Manage risk on an ongoing basis.
  • Monitor accident and incident notifications.
  • Ensure social media is being used appropriately and in accordance with State Girl Guide Organisation policy.

4. Managing administration

  • Follow current Girl Guides Australia and State Girl Guides Organisation policies and procedures.
  • Maintain appropriate records.
  • Deal promptly with all correspondence and forms.
  • Use State database to generate relevant management reports.
  • Report on District activities as required.
  • Ensure that an annual budget for the District’s income and expenses is prepared.
  • Ensure accurate financial records are maintained.
  • Complete annual review/audit in the required timeframe.
  • Ensure that equipment and/or property is maintained in good working order.
  • Manage venue lease/hire agreements for District managed properties in accordance with State Guidelines/Policy.

5. Building for the Future

  • Set membership goals collaboratively and plan for the continuous growth and development of Guiding in the District.
  • Support Units to grow youth membership and optimise retention of members.
  • Undertake promotional activities to inform the community about Guiding.
  • Facilitate development of District events calendar.
  • Attend and encourage others to attend relevant community events and ceremonies.
  • Build relationships and communicate effectively with stakeholders in the community.
  • Encourage and support other adults to become involved as Leaders or in other roles.

6. Being involved in Guide Units

  • Model effective communication practices by visiting and regularly communicating with Guide Units.
  • Take opportunities to participate in Unit ceremonies.
  • Keep up-to-date with WAGGGS global actions and campaigns.
  • Actively encourage high quality delivery of the AGP and facilitate the sharing of good practice between Units.

Requirements of appointment to the position

  • Be a Member of a State Girl Guide Organisation.
  • Hold or be working towards a Management Qualification as a District Manager.
  • Satisfy Police and Working with Children checks as required by State Legislation.
  • Hold (as a minimum) a First Aid Statement of Completion – “Provide Basic Emergency Life Support” (Theory only).
  • Accept the National Code of Conduct.

Capabilities and personal attributes

  • Commitment to the principles of Guiding and willingness to make or renew the Guide promise.
  • Commitment to the development of girls and women.
  • Highly developed people skills including the ability to work collaboratively with others and to bring out the best in them.
  • Sound planning, organisation and management skills.
  • Effective communication skills both one on one and in groups.
  • A positive role model.
  • Capacity and time to undertake the role.

Ongoing requirements

Appointment review

  • ‘New to Role’ Review completed with Region Manager six months following appointment.
  • Role currency checks (including First Aid) as required.
  • Participation in a Annual Role Review as required.

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