Girl Guides Australia requires any member placing Guide related information on internet websites to adhere to the following requirements.
The corporate graphic and publications standards of Girl Guides Australia must be maintained. Any use of the Girl Guides Australia logo must be in accordance with the logo guidelines outlined in Public Relations.

The content of the site should be current and conform to Girl Guides Australia policy and standards.

No Girl Guide website may contain access to any personal details of Girl Guide members under 18 years of age unless that access is password protected.

Written permission must be obtained before contact details can be included on websites for any adult member.

All Girl Guide related websites must have approval of the relevant national or State web consultant.

All requests for pen pals must be forwarded to the Australian Post Box Secretary. There must not be any requests for email pen pals on Girl Guide websites.

All sites other than Girl Guide Australia approved sites must include the standard disclaimer:
‘This website is not an official site of Girl Guides Australia. Girl Guides Australia takes no responsibility for the content of this website’.

The Girl Guides Australia national website is maintained by the Australian web consultant and contains information relating to national issues.

The internet sites of State Girl Guide Organisations should only contain information about Guiding that directly relates to the person hosting the site. The standard disclaimer must be included.

‘Please refer to your State Guide office for additional information’.

Last Modified: 29/06/21 at 10:56 AM