Public Relations


Public relations is designed to promote goodwill in the community and present a favourable image of Guiding.

Understanding and goodwill are dependent on:

  • the image presented by each member;
  • interaction with other Organisations; and
  • cooperation with the media.

Public relations personnel are appointed at Australian, State and Region levels.


Girl Guides Australia Logo

The Girl Guides Australia logo is compromised of three parts. The first two parts are the trefoil and the wording. These parts are essential. The third part, the State identity, is optional and is included beneath the GIRL GUIDES AUSTRALIA wording.

 Trefoil only - Australia logo.GIRL GUIDES
Part 1 – trefoilPart 2 – wordingPart 3 – State identity (optional)


The trefoil also included the seven-pointed star which represents the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag. The seven points of the Commonwealth Star represent the six States plus the Territories. It must always be used with the trefoil.

The Girl Guide Australia logo without the State identity is used only for:

  • stationery, publications, badges, retail items, plaques, signage, promotional materials and clothing that are distributed nationally;
  • for the Girl Guides Australia website; or
  • for Australian contingents travelling overseas.

Permission to use the Girl Guide Australia logo without the State identity must be obtained from Girl Guides Australia.

Individuals, Units, Districts, Divisions, Regions, States, State contingents and other groups belonging to a State Girl Guide Organisation may use the Girl Guides Australia logo with their State identity.


Rotating the Logo

The Girl Guides Australia logo (trefoil plus wording plus optional State identity) must not be rotated or utilised in part. However, it may be faded, toned down or used as a watermark.


Use of the Guide trefoil

The Guide trefoil is a registered trademark of Girl Guides Australia.

The trefoil may be used on its own stationery, publications, badges, retail items, plaques, promotional signage and materials and clothing. However for stationery, publications, promotional signage and materials and websites, the Girl Guides Australia log (trefoil plus wording plus optional State identity) must appear at least once.

When used on its own the trefoil can be rotated, utilised in part of faded.

The trefoil must not be distorted in any way.



Guide Blue and Guide Yellow remain the brand colours, however the palette has been modernised for digital applications. Refer to the Style Guide PDF below for the full palette details.

The Girl Guides Australia logo and trefoil may be printed in any single colour including gold, silver or bronze. When printing the whole logo, the trefoil and the wording must be the same colour.

State Girl Guide Organisations should be contacted for further clarification of the Girl Guides Australia logo.


GGA Style Guide (May 2020)

The Style Guidelines are available in this pdf GGA Style Guide May 2020 for downloading.



Members may approach local media according to the guidelines available from their State public relations department.

Statements to the print and electronic media relating to any issue or crisis situation in which Girl Guides Australia is implicated, should be in accordance with the Media Response Plan guidelines detailed here.

The senior manager of Girl Guides Australia should be notified of all requests for members to appear:

  • in television commercials; or
  • on radio or television shows (not interviews) which broadcast on national radio or television networks.



Members in uniform or acting as representatives of Guiding must not participate in political activities. Refer to the Politics section in Policies.


Public parades

Permission to participate in public parades should be obtained from the District, Division, Region Manager or State Commissioner.


Vice-regal invitations to Guide events

These are issued only through the National Office or State Guide offices.

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