General Rules for all Adventure-Based Activities

The following are the General Rules for Adventure-Based Activities:

  1. The responsibility for activities rests with the Leader/Manager concerned. They can stop the activity at any time.
  2. An instructor must have the necessary experience and qualifications. The qualifications of Leaders/Managers or instructors carrying out ALL adventure-based activities must be confirmed by the relevant State Outdoor Activities Manager.
  3. The Leader-in-Charge must:
  • Be a qualified Leader/Manager;
  • Obtain permission from the District or Region Manager and the appropriate State Guiding personnel by completing Adventure-based Activity permission form (OUT 2)
  • Ensure the activity is adequately covered by the insurance policy of Girl Guides Australia and, if applicable, the body controlling the intended activity;
  • For Adventure-based activities, ensure an Activity Consent Form (ADM.27 ) is received from a parent or guardian of each participant under the age of 18 years and
  • An Adult Information Form for activities (ADM 28) from each participant 18 years and over.
  • Ensure the guidelines for the specific activities are followed.

Supervision requirements.

The requisite Adult to Girl ratios are found at Ratios at a Glance.

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