The Guide Lines within this section refer to the activities connected with the Outdoors Program.  These policies are divided into two main headings with sub sections, as follows :

Camping Rules and Requirements

Click HERE to go to the Camping Rules and Requirements for:

  • Indoor Overnight Stay or Sleepover
  • Safety Rules
  • Camps with Special Conditions – Camps Afloat, Interstate Camps, Camps for more than 50 participants, Overseas Camps
  • Supervision Required
  • Leader In Charge
  • Adventure-Based Activity Instructor
  • Camp and Expedition Modules
  • Notification Forms Required
  • Non-Member Children at Camp – Background, Procedures

Adventure Activities

Click HERE for a list of all Adventure-Based activities and Activities Not Approved or Covered by Insurance.

An adventure-based activity is one which contains a significant element of risk to those taking part. Girl Guides Australia requires the person in charge to have specific knowledge and skills relevant to the activity or to ensure that the instructors have such knowledge and skills.

Safety rules apply to all members, at all times, and are to be strictly observed. This can save lives and also protect members from litigation.

Some activities require ADM.27 Activity Consent Form For Youth Members from participants and the Leader In Charge needs to complete the Permission to hold an adventure activity form Permission to hold an adventure activity form OUT 02 Adventurous Activities Permission.

Any queries please contact your State Outdoors Manager via your State Organisation – listed here. 

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