State Commissioner

Role Description

The State Commissioner role oversees the implementation of the aims of Girl Guides Australia within her State.


  • To ensure the State Girl Guide Organisation is administered properly and competently accordingly to the direction of the State Council or Board either directly or through the Executive Committee.
  • To promote the development of Guiding
  • To maintain regular communication with all State office-bearers and to give support to activities where appropriate.
  • To attend the Board meeting of Girl Guides Australia as the representative of her State and promote the views and needs of her State in relation to matters requiring a national decision and ensure the decisions are implemented in her State.
  • To maintain regular contact with the Chief Commissioner and to advise her of areas of concern or opportunities for promotion of Guiding.
  • To maintain links with Scouts Australia and other youth groups and Organisations in her State.
  • To be the chairperson of the State Executive/Board Committee if specified in the State terms of reference.
  • To be an ex-officio member of all State committees, receive minutes of the meetings held and to follow up any areas of concern and give support where appropriate.
  • To maintain contact with and advise and encourage Region Managers and visit Regions by invitation where possible.
  • To delegate responsibility to suitably qualified people for areas which require specific expertise and maintain contact with them to ensure that the needs of the Guide Organisation are being met.
  • To maintain the commitment of Girl Guides Australia to a child safe and child friendly culture.

Requirements for Appointment

  1. To be a member of a State Girl Guide Organisation.
  2. To demonstrate a commitment to the principles of Guiding.
  3. To have an understanding of the role of different groups within the State Girl Guide Organisations.
  4. To have an understanding of the Australian Guide Program and the Australian Learning and Qualification Program.
  5. To be willing to represent Guiding to the best of her ability.
  6. To have good communication and administrative skills.
  7. To hold, or be working towards, the appropriate qualification in the Australian Learning and Qualification Program.
  8. To wear Guide uniform when undertaking the role to which she is appointed.

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