Role Description

A challenging and rewarding position within Girl Guides Australia(GGA) as a role model for Leaders or Managers in Training. The Mentor supports Leaders or Managers in Training with the tasks and activities in their Passports to completion of the qualification. They work collaboratively with their Mentee and the Mentee’s support network. The Mentor supports incoming Volunteers to understand their role so in turn they will empower girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders of their world through the delivery of the Australian Guide Program (AGP).

Mentor Role
This role is flexible in nature and application to suit the needs of the role and the requirements of each State Girl Guide Organisation (SGGO). This role description captures all aspects of the Mentor role in our Child Safe Child-Friendly organisation for adaptation to your Girl Guiding situation.

Girl Guiding Responsibilities

The essence of Girl Guiding is the delivery of the AGP working together with the support network of the Leader or Manager in Training the Mentor is responsible for the following:

  • Collaborating with the Leader or Manager in Training to develop and design a learning plan, using the relevant Passport
  • Coordinating Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as outlined in the applicable Passport
  • Being flexible in approaches to mentoring and adjusting based on the abilities and/or resources of your assigned Leader or Manager in Training
  • Actively participating in task and activity sign-off in the Passport including reflecting with the Leader or Manager in Training on her experiences
  • Supporting the Leader or Manager in Training through her qualification process to gain an understanding of the tasks required of her role
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge to improve understanding of Guiding and her role
  • Promoting and modeling the GGA Promise, Guide Law, and Code of Conduct within Guiding and the wider community
  • Adhering to GGA and SGGO policies and procedures
  • Handling and reporting complaints and incidents.

Administration Management

Managing paperwork is essential to the success of this role. The Mentor is responsible for:

  • Holding the induction meeting promptly and at a time that suits both
  • Supporting the Leader or Manager in training to record information, questions, and thoughts in her Passport
  • Engaging regularly and as appropriate to support the Passport and qualification process
  • Confirming the completion of the Passport in a timely manner and at a time that suits both.

Building for the Future

Building for the Future embraces Girl Guides to be themselves in a brave space. The Mentor leads and supports this by:

  • Showing a commitment to raising the voices of girls and young women
  • Challenging stereotypes and responding constructively and positively in different cultural, social, and work contexts
  • Breaking down gender barriers to leadership for girls and women
  • Enjoying a balanced life that allows time to focus on interests
  • Responding to challenging situations, conflict, and pressure in a calm manner.

Requirements for Appointment

To be appointed as a Mentor you must:

  1. Have strong communication, active listening, and organisational skills
  2. Satisfy the requirements of adult membership and appointment for SGGO
  3. Hold the equivalent appointment (or higher) for the role you are Mentoring and be experienced in that role (see table)
  4. Have completed Mentor Training within your state
  5. Have supported your first mentee through to her qualification.



Appropriate Mentee








Unit Leader








Assistant Unit Leader






Appropriate Mentee










District Manager






Assistant DM




Region Manager






Assistant RM




Managers must mentor outside the District/Region they hold their appointment in.


Every Mentor must work closely with the Support Network of the Leader or Manager in Training and the appointment terms are determined by the relevant SGGO.

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