Resource Leader

Position Description

Primary Position Title:    Resource Leader

Appointment:    District, Region Manager or State Commissioner

Responsible to:    Relevant District, Region Manager or State Commissioner and State Executive/Board.

Term of Appointment:    Reviewed for endorsement every three years.

Main Purpose of Position:    To share with girls and adults her specialised skills (for example, camp craft, abseiling, first aid, music, leadership skills) OR provide support for other Leaders and Managers (for example Learning Partners, Advisers and Consultants)



  1. Share with girls or adults specialised skills in one or more areas of the program or support other Leaders/Managers.
  2. Attend regularly and report to the District, Region or State meetings as applicable.
  3. Be aware of local and State events being planned and community contacts in the area appointed.
  4. Keep up to date with program trends and read current Guiding publications.
  5. Keep up to date within her are of expertise by taking part in further adult courses, by reading appropriate publications and by attending seminars and conferences as appropriate.
  6. Develop, implement and evaluate creative, effective and well-balanced programs suitable to the age group and the Leader’s area of expertise which facilitates the members’ understanding and acceptance of the principles of Guiding and the Australian Guide Program.
  7. Implement self-government methods appropriate to activities enabling decisions to be made democratically.
  8. Be responsible for records and reports appropriate to her role and deal promptly with all correspondence.
  9. Help other members of Girl Guides Australia understand the principles and methods of Guiding.
  10. Keep up to date with changes in policies and procedures.
  11. Understand her responsibility for the health and safety of girls and Leaders in her care.
  12. Work as a member of the District, Region or State team.
  13. Promote and maintain Guiding standards.
  14. Communicate effectively with members and parents or guardians of the girls.
  15. Facilitate leadership skills development within the group with which she works.
  16. Understand the commitment of Girl Guides Australia to a child safe/child friendly culture.


Personal Requirements:

  1. Be a member of a State Girl Guide Organisation.
  2. Have an understanding of and interest in the girls and adults with whim she works.
  3. Hold a qualification in the Australian Adult Leadership Program or Australian Learning and Qualification Program.
  4. Show a willingness to continue developing her personal skills.
  5. Adhere to policies and procedures of Girl Guides Australia.
  6. Be up to date with current Guiding practices and knowledge of the Australian Learning and Qualification Program.
  7. Wear Guide uniform when undertaking the role to which she is appointed.

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