Girl Guides Australia is willing to be involved in commercial sponsorship provided:

  • The sponsor meets the standards expected by Girl Guides Australia.
  • The sponsor’s product promotes an acceptable life style or it must not be harmful to the user or the community.
  • The background of a proposed sponsor and the product range are evaluated for moral, health and image qualities.
  • A written agreement stating the terms and conditions of the sponsorship is signed by both parties.
  • The safety rules of Girl Guides Australia are observed at all times.
  • A Member of Girl Guides Australia acting as such, who is organising or taking part in a sponsored event, must have the approval of her District Manager.
  • Members participating in a sponsored event with another Organisation must not seek sponsorship in the name of Girl Guides Australia.
  • All sponsorship should be arranged in conjunction with State Guide offices.
  • All State Executive Officers should notify Girl Guides Australia of any commercial sponsorship arrangements within their State.
  • National corporations or Organisations should not be approached for sponsorship by a State Guide office unless prior approval has been given by the senior manager of Girl Guides Australia.


Last Modified: 07/12/16 at 11:33 AM