People and Performance Management


The purpose of the People Management Policy is to ensure we have the highest standards for the support, encouragement and management of our people so that they are better able to provide high quality services to the girls and young women of our Australian community which is fundamental to achieving the vision and mission of Girl Guiding in Australia.

While acknowledging that there are important distinctions between volunteers and paid staff, and consequently that some management procedures may also differ, we affirm that the principles for managing people and performance apply equally to all.

Strategic Alignment

The Girl Guides Australia People Management Policy supports the successful realisation of our strategic plan goal “To deliver high quality volunteer experience to the Australian community.”


That Girl Guides Australia and the State Girl Guide Organisations provide for volunteers and staff as appropriate to their role:

  • appropriate performance management, support and monitoring in an effective, respectful, transparent, fair and ethical manner
  • information and support to ensure the implementation of high quality, effective people management
  • discussions of performance and development, whether formal or informal, with the principal objective being the support of an individual’s performance and achievement in relation to their work
  • the clear obligation that all volunteers and staff report serious misconduct of any kind or any behaviour that has the potential to compromise the safety of girls and adults involved in Girl Guiding in Australia

Volunteers and staff of GGA, SGGOs and/or their members are entitled to:

  • A work environment free from bullying, intimidation, harassment or victimisation
  • Be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Be valued for their skills, abilities and service
  • Be provided with clear and accurate information about the requirements and accountabilities of their role

To ensure this, it is the responsibility of volunteers and staff of GGA, SGGOs and/or their members to:

  • Agree, support and abide by the GGA Promise and Law, this policy and the relevant SGGO policies, GGA Code of Conduct and the procedures relevant to them
  • Contribute to building a safe and positive work environment and culture where all people are respected and encouraged to discuss concerns and rights in relation to their work
  • Participate in induction and training that is relevant to their role in Girl Guiding in Australia
  • Act within the limitations of their authority in performing their duties
  • Cooperate fully and confidentially in any investigation of concerns or allegations of workplace bullying or misconduct
  • Always treat people in a manner that is respectful of their rights, integrity and dignity.
  • Report or escalate to the relevant Guiding person/s or external authority, all serious misconduct, serious and repeated underperformance, breaches of the Code of Conduct or any behaviour that has the potential to compromise the safety of girls and adults involved in Girl Guiding in Australia.

Processes and Procedures

To ensure effective and consistent people management and as a consequence, the fostering of a positive organisational culture, GGA and SGGOs will:

  • Ensure that clear and effective procedures for performance management are documented, communicated and accessible to all volunteers and staff.
  • Ensure that procedures for escalating and reporting serious misconduct or behaviour that may compromise the safety of girls or adults are documented, communicated and accessible to all volunteers and staff.

People Management Framework (2017)

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