Honorary Australian Associates




HAAs is a network of people who have made a significant contribution to GGA at a national level and who are interested in the current and future direction of GGA. They are willing to provide additional service in an ad hoc capacity where their experience, skills and expertise can be of use to Guiding in Australia.  However, there should be no expectation that they should further contribute to the Organisation.



Persons eligible
  • Former Girl Guides Australia personnel, including State Advisers (including State Trefoil Guild Advisers) as members of Australian committees with not less than three years continuous service, when proposed by the Australian Office Bearer through whom they held office.
  • Former State Commissioners with not less than three years continuous service.
  •  Former Assistant State Commissioners with not less than three years continuous service, when proposed by the State Commissioner through whom they held office.
  • Former National Office staff with not less than ten years of service.
  • Such other persons as proposed by the Chief Commissioner in consultation with and approved by the Board of Girl Guides Australia.
  • The HAAs National Coordinator submits a list of  eligible members to each meeting of the Board of Girl Guides Australia, through National Office, for approval
  • National Office advises the National Honorary Australian Associate Coordinator as well as the appropriate State Honorary Associate Coordinator of the name/s and contact details of the new Honorary Australian Associate
  • National Office provides the State Commissioner each State of the names of the new HAAs in her State and includes some background information of the new HAA for future reference.
  • The Chief Commissioner signs the letters conferring the honour to approved Honorary Australian Associates. This communication includes a Membership Certificate acknowledging the Honorary Australian Associate for her contribution to Girl Guides Australia and welcoming the person as a HAA. It also includes additional information regarding HAAs.
  • The National Office is responsible for the necessary administrative procedures and for distributing the newsletters in consultation with the HAAs Coordinator.
  • State Commissioners appoint State Coordinators to liaise with the National HAAs Coordinator.


 Role of Honorary Australian Associates

Honorary Australian Associates shall, when and where possible:

  • Assist in the promotion of Girl Guides Australia on request
  • Provide assistance to Girl Guides Australia or their State Girl Guides Organisation if requested
  • Be well informed about present day trends in Guiding in Australia and internationally through State newsletters and other publications
  • Make periodic financial donations if they so choose

Honorary Australian Associates receive:

  • A newsletter twice a year which includes updates from the State HAAs Coordinators, an update of the Girl Guides Australia Board meetings and any relevant projects including WAGGGS projects, from the Chief Commissioner, as well as relevant updates and information from Managers and the National Coordinators of the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS and the Olave Baden Powell Society. It also includes pertinent information from the National HAAs Coordinator.
  •  A list of the names and addresses of all Honorary Australian Associates, subject to relevant privacy legislation
  • An invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Girl Guides Australia
  • An invitation to State events where appropriate
  • Invitations to occasional get-togethers for Honorary Australian Associates in each State or Territory.
  • An electronic copy of the Girl Guides Australia Annual Report

Note that Honorary Australian Associates may choose to continue to wear the Girl Guides Australia badge.

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