Adult Learning and Development

Overview of the ALQP

The Australian Learning & Qualification Program (ALQP) provides a learning path to the Leadership, Management and Training Qualifications, and options for ongoing learning.

Each ALQP Passport incorporates a mix of reading, training and activities based on the role and recognition of prior learning is available.

  • The Leadership Qualification is for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders working in Guide Units or Outdoor Leaders supporting Guide Units in Districts and Regions.
    The learning program consists of five modules for both Assistant Unit Leaders and Unit Leaders. For Outdoors Leaders there are four modules.
  • The Management Qualification is for District and Region Managers and Assistant Managers.
    The learning program consists of six modules.
  • The Learning and Development qualification is for Workshop Presenters, Trainers and Training Partners. These are supplementary positions. The Position Descriptions  and that of State RPL Liaison are listed below. The learning program consists of three modules.

ALQP Framework

PLEASE NOTE: The Girl Guides Australia First Aid Requirements have been updated in 2021. The ALQP Framework documents will be updated to reflect changes by 1st September 2021.

Full details can be found in this document: GGA National First Aid Requirements 2021.


To download or print a version of the ALQP Framework please click HERE



Leaders please click on this LINK to the Girl Guides Australia website for more detailed information.  Note:  it is password protected so contact your State L&D Manager or Learning Partner for details.





How to become a qualified Unit Leader or Assistant Unit Leader


Please click on this link to download a pdf version of the

Summary of GGA Leadership Qualification for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders 

Unit Leadership Induction





How to become a qualified Outdoors Leader

Summary of ALQP Outdoors Leadership Qualification Feb 2015


Please click on this link to download a pdf version of the

Summary of ALQP Outdoors Leadership Qualification 

Outdoors Leadership Induction





How to become a qualified District Manager or Assistant District Manager


Please click on this link to download a pdf version of the

Summary of GGA District Management Qualification 

District Management Induction








How to become a qualified Region Manager or Assistant Region Manager


Please click on this link to download a pdf version of the

Summary of GGA Region Management Qualification

Region Management Induction 








How to become a qualified Workshop Presenter, Trainer, or Training Partner

Summary of L&D Qualification June 2014


Please click on this link to download a pdf version of the

Summary of L&D Qualification 







 Recognition of prior learning in the Australian Learning and Qualification Program

How recognition of prior learning works

The philosophy of RPL for the Leadership and Management Qualifications is to maximise the exemptions for those previously involved in Guiding or with relevant professional skills. This approach not only recognises and values the knowledge and skills previously acquired but is consistent with a learning approach focused on the skills and knowledge required to perform the actual role. The Recognition of Prior Learning process groups prior learning into three areas:

  •  Previous Guiding or Scouting experience – within last three years
  •  Occupational skills – if using currently or within last three years
  •  Qualifications achieved – within last three years.

The Recognition of Prior Learning process is normally completed by the Learning Partner, with the exception of the Region Management Qualification, where the State RPL Liaison completes it. In addition, the State RPL Liaison has a role in resolving any disputes about RPL and ensuring that the process is applied even-handedly. However, to minimise individual interpretation, all RPL given must be for prior learning within the last three years. Further, the common experience and qualifications have already been calibrated to reflect specific exemptions, and these are detailed in the tables in Sections 11-14 of the ALQP Passport Guidance notes. In addition to these automatic exemptions the Learning Partner will determine what other module activities can be exempted.

Responsibilities regarding new Leaders:

If you have, or will have in the near future, a new Leader in your Unit it is your responsibility to:

  • Obtain a current copy of the Leadership Passport from the Girl Guides Australia website or your state website
  • Lead the Local Induction for the new Unit Leader or Assistant Unit Leader, and complete their Induction checklist in the Leadership Qualification Passport
  • Sign off activities in the Leadership Qualification Passport, meeting the specific requirements for observation, discussing or reviewing evidence – a sample of activities will be checked by the Learning Partner
  • Provide support and mentoring to the new Leader
  • With consideration for the decision making process your Guides undertake, allow some flexibility in the Unit program, so the new Leader is able to complete the module activities without unnecessary delay
  • Ensure the new Leader has access to the financial accounts to complete her Passport.

If you have queries or require assistance, contact your District Manager in the first instance, or the Learning Partner working with your new leader/s. Alternatively, contact your State Learning and Development Manager.

To download the ALQP passport guidance notes:

ALQP Passport Guidance Notes Unit Leadership Qualification 

ALQP Passport Guidance Notes Outdoors Leadership Qualification

ALQP Passport Guidance Notes District Management

ALQP Passport Guidance Notes Region Management

Further Development/ongoing learning in Girl Guides Australia

  • Learning Topics: Learning Topics are designed to guide your learning in a particular area with a range of suggested activities.  You may be exploring this topic out of personal interest or because you want more ideas for this aspect of the program.  Discover activities, games and interesting facts to share by completing as many of the suggested activities as you wish. Click here for Learning Topics (login required).
  • Outdoor Modules:  Camping, Expeditions, Canoeing/kayaking and Rowing…  all exciting activities for you and the Guides. Click here for Outdoor Modules.
  • Adult Endeavours:  Learn more and challenge yourself with an Adult Endeavour.  Click here for Adult Endeavours (login required).
  • To assist Leaders to record their ongoing learning activities, the national L&D Committee has developed an example of a Learning Log in two formats. They are available below (Accessible to Australian Girl Guide Leaders only).

Sample forms can be found here (log in required).

Position Descriptions

The position descriptions for the following roles are listed on the Guide Lines website under Roles & Recognition – Volunteer Roles.

State Commissioner

Region Manager

District Manager

Unit Leader

Assistant Unit Leader

Unit Helper

Resource Leader

Outdoors Leader

Outdoor Skills Assessor

Learning Partner


Training Partner

Workshop Presenter

State Recognition of Prior Learning Liaison

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