Years of Membership

This ‘Years of Membership’  badge recognises adult years of membership to Girl Guiding for those aged 18 or over in Australia, or as per definition of adult in the applicable WAGGGS Member Organisation. The years will be counted from the date the individual becomes an Adult Member of GGA/SGGO and/or any other WAGGGS Member Organisation.

Time is counted cumulatively to receive the award and the onus is on the applicant to provide evidence.

Some points to note:

  • Years of membership do not have to be consecutive.
  • A ‘Years of Membership’ badge is presented after one year of membership. At three years of membership, a number chain is presented with a ‘3’ numeral, then at five years, a number chain is presented with a ‘5’ numeral. At five year increments thereafter the chain with the appropriate numeral is presented (e.g. ‘10’, ‘15’, ‘20’ etc).
  • This badge is applicable for all Adult Members regardless of their role – i.e., Leader, Manager, Olave Member, Unit Helpers, Trefoil Guild, Life Members or Adult Member with no current role.
  • An Adult Member of Girl Guides Australia or a State Girl Guide Organisation is aged eighteen years or over, lives their life as a female and satisfies the requirements for membership. A Unit Helper or Support Group Member who becomes an Adult Member may include their time as a Unit Helper or Support Group Member when applying for ‘Years of Membership’ Badge.
  • Non-member volunteers may be presented with the Volunteer Badge any time after one year of contribution.
  • Overseas adult service may be counted.

Procedures for issuing of these badges vary from State to State.

Please check with your SGGO for more information.


Years of Membership BadgeFor Adult Members (including Unit Helpers, Olave Members and Trefoil Guild)


Recognising years of Adult Membership of Girl Guiding in Australia and other WAGGGS Member Organisation

Years of Membership

Dark blue bar with guilt knot and a numbered chain to denote years of membership. 

Blue bar




May be worn in or out of uniform.

A Years of Membership certificate is also available.




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