Recognition of Non-Member Volunteers and Supporters

As for adult members, non-members are eligible for recognition with a Volunteer Badge any time after one year of contribution. See Years of Membership Badge for further details.

The non-member volunteer award recognises the valuable contribution to GGA or an SGGO at a Local, District or Region level by a non-member volunteer or an organisation. Recipients may be women, men, groups, businesses or other organisations.

Thanks Badge

A Thanks Badge and a Thanks Certificate are available. The Thanks Certificate is designed to be presented to organisations to acknowledge their commitment to Girl Guiding. When awarding the Thanks Badge to an individual the Thanks Certificate may also be presented.

To nominate a non-member volunteer or business/organisation complete the Adult Good Service Award Nomination – Non-Members Form.

Thanks Badge

Thanks Certificate





Non-member Volunteer, Support Group Member or other organisation.





Metal Badge and Certificate


Thanks Badge: Silver disc with trefoil in the centre



A Thanks Certificate is available for presenting to organisations or with the Thanks Badge when appropriate.



Volunteer Badge

Non-member volunteers may be presented with the Volunteer Badge any time after one year of contribution.
Overseas adult service may be counted.

For more information about the Volunteer Badge and how to obtain the badge for a non-member volunteer please contact your SGGO.


Volunteer Badge








Non-member volunteers include Girl Guide Support Group members, District Support and Management Team members or any other volunteer who actively supports Guiding.



Recognising support of Girl Guiding by a non- member volunteer.



Volunteer badge

Dark blue circle with silver Trefoil in the centre.




May be worn out of uniform.





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