Training Partner

Supplementary Position Title:    Training Partner


Appointed by:                   State Learning & Development Manager


Reports to:                         State Learning & Development Manager


Key Relationships:

New Workshop Presenters and Trainers

State Learning & Development Team


Term of Appointment: Three years (can be reappointed after a review is conducted).


Primary purpose of the position

  • To support new Workshop Presenters / Trainers to gain their relevant Qualification by:
  • Developing Learning Plan with new Workshop Presenters / Trainers.
  • Supporting new Workshop Presenters / Trainers as they progress through the Qualification.
  • Monitor Workshop Presenter’s / Trainer’s progress and ensure it meets required standards.
  • Attending meetings with the Workshop Presenters / Trainers.
  • Using high level interpersonal communication skills including coaching, delivering feedback, actively listening and displaying empathy.
  • Completing administrative task requirements.


Full details of the Training Partner responsibilities are set out in the Learning and Development Qualification Passport.


Requirements of appointment to the position

  • Hold a current appointment as Trainer
  • Two years’ experience as a qualified Trainer.
  • Completion of Learning Partner Training Course


Capabilities and personal attributes

  • Passion for the contribution of Learning & Development to Guiding
  • Commitment to the development of new Workshop Presenters / Trainers.
  • Operate as a team player.
  • A positive role model.
  • Capacity and time to undertake the role.


Ongoing requirements

  • Meet the ongoing requirements of her current primary appointment Leader / Manager (if relevant) and her Supplementary Training appointments as set out in the relevant Position Description.
  • Compliance with the Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct.


Appointment review

  • Undertake a review discussion of how the role is being carried out as part of her trainer role review.

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