Risk Management

Girl Guides Australia requires all Leaders/Managers to assess and manage the risks associated with their Guiding activities to ensure that Girl Guides, Leaders/Managers and others are in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment. Risks for Managers are operational risks which may include level of unit membership, financial viability, qualification of leaders. Risk for Leaders are often based around activities and may include activities conducted in the course of a unit meeting, running a camp, outdoor activities.

 To control these risks a risk assessment and the implementation of control measures are to be undertaken. Girl Guides Australia has a framework, formal policy and procedure for undertaking risk assessment. Leaders/Managers should make themselves familiar with the Risk Management policy and procedure. When Leaders are identifying, assessing and controlling risks associated with activities an ADM 56B Risk Assessment for outdoor activities, events and camps should be completed. When Managers are identifying, assessing and controlling operational risks then ADM 56A Risk Analysis and Action plan for operational risk should be completed.

 In the event of an incident or accident Members are required to complete the Girl Guide Australia ADM 24A notification of accident or ADM 24B Incident Report Form form following the media response plan.

Last Modified: 20/03/17 at 8:09 AM