Australian Learning and Qualification Program (ALQP)

The Australian Learning and Qualification Program (ALQP) is the program of learning and qualifications especially designed for adult members. The program provides new Leaders and Managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need.  For experienced Leaders and Managers it provides an opportunity to update skills, explore new areas of interest and facilitate the transition into new roles.


Management Qualification

The structure of the District Management and Region Management qualifications are the same, although there is some difference in the content.  Both qualifications have the following elements.

  • A dedicated Learning Partner to provide support and to structure the learning plan. Region Managers are supported by a Mentor of their choice.
  • A process to recognise previous Guiding experience, relevant occupational experience and qualifications. For every qualification except Region Manager this process is completed by the Learning Partner.
  • The first stage of the qualification is a comprehensive Induction. Understanding commitment to the Promise and Law is an important part of Induction.
  • A “Passport” for each qualification sets out the required reading, activities and reflection exercises for each of the qualification modules. The activities replicate the main tasks of the role and the reflection exercises are designed to embed learning. It also acts as a record of your progress, with space for you, your Learning Partner / Mentor, Manager or other Leaders and Managers to sign when you have completed activities.
  • The Manager’s Handbook together with Guide Lines provide the major knowledge content for the qualification.
  • A combination of face to face and webinar training supplements the Passport learning. Managers who are new to Guiding attend the Guiding Orientation webinar. It is also essential to complete the theory element of the national first aid course, ‘Provide Basic Emergency Life Support’.  The Management Qualification course has two parts.  The first focuses on the knowledge needed to fulfil your role and includes Financial Management, Property Management and Risk Management.  The second part takes a broader look at leading your team and building for the future.  It includes a series of scenarios or problems that District Managers and Region Managers typically face.
  • Each activity specifies by whom it can be signed off; the Manager herself, or other qualified Leaders and Managers. The Manager of the volunteer leads the induction phase, signs specific activities in the Passport and completes the final sign-off.
  • Six months after qualification the individual has an interim review with their Manager.

A comprehensive “Q&A” and further advice on the ALQP is available on the GGA website.  Ask your direct manager for the passwords and user names should you require them.

Although the time taken to complete the qualification will vary depending on your previous experience, most new Managers will be able to complete it in a 6-9 month time frame.

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