Managers Handbook

Foreword from the Chief Commissioner

Thank you so much for taking on this exciting and important role as a District Manager or Region Manager. Our managers are pivotal in ensuring we have a growing and sustainable Guide movement in Australia. Your role is multi-faceted, engaging with the community, inspiring your team and providing a role model to our Guides.

You are a key player in our organisation as we focus together on giving many more girls, young women and volunteers the opportunity to experience Guiding and the tremendous benefits it can give. Your role will be stimulating and rewarding, and at times, challenging. To help you be successful we have redesigned our learning and development approach for Managers, provided the infrastructure for additional support via Learning Partners and Mentors, and developed this Manager’s Handbook.

This online resources designed to communicate the combined wisdom and experience of our existing Managers. It is not a ‘must do’ manual but provides advice for being successful. It should be read in conjunction with the most up to date edition of Guide Lines and the relevant administration or procedures manual of your State Girl Guide Organisation. This handbook is the companion document to the Leader’s Handbook, which I also commend to you.

I know you will also get support from the other members of your team, your Manager, the State Commissioner and the State Office. Your friends in Guiding are there to support you as you undertake this new challenge. I wish you all the best for your appointment. It’s wonderful to have you as part of our team.

Robinette Emonson

Robinette Emonson
Former Chief Commissioner

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