Outdoors Leader

Role Description

Primary Position:    Outdoors Leader

Appointed by:    District Manager or Region Manager

Reports to:    District Manager or Region Manager

Key Relationships:

Youth members

Unit Leaders, Assistant Unit Leaders and Unit Helpers in own District/Region.

Term of Appointment:    In accordance with State policy.

Primary purpose of the position:    As part of the District/Region team, deliver a safe, high quality outdoors program to youth members.

Being Part of Guiding in Australia

  • Help and support other members of the Unit/District/Region team.
  • Share skills, knowledge and resources with other Leaders, Unit Helpers and youth members.
  • Communicate effectively with other Leaders/Managers in the Unit/District/Region teams.
  • Support new Leaders in the District/Region including signing activities in the Leadership Qualification Passport as appropriate.
  • Promote Guiding in local community.

Delivering the Australian Guide Program Outdoors

  • Support the delivery of the Australian Guide Program in the outdoors.
  • Maximise opportunities to incorporate all aspects of the Australian Guide Program into outdoors activities.
  • Provide opportunities for youth members to develop and use their leadership skills in the outdoors.

Risk Awareness

  • Comply with obligations under the relevant National and State Work Health and Safety Acts.
  • Care for the health and safety of everyone associated with the activities.
  • Comply with Girl Guides Australia/State Girl Guides Organisation policy and procedures.
  • Undertake risk assessment and complete risk management plans.
  • Manage risk on an ongoing basis.

Developing Outdoor Skills

  • Provide opportunities for youth members to develop and use their outdoor skills.
  • Build relationships with other outdoor activity providers in the community.

Requirements of appointment to the position

  • Member of State Girl Guide Organisation.
  • Hold a Leadership Qualification as an Outdoors Leader.
  • Satisfy the requirements of State Legislation in regard to Child Protection.
  • First Aid Statement of Attainment – ‘Provide First Aid’ – CPR refreshed annually.
  • Acceptance of Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct.

Capabilities and personal attributes

  • Commitment to the principles of Guiding and willingness to make or renew the Guide Promise.
  • Commitment to girls/young women and their development.
  • Ability to be a positive role model.
  • Good interpersonal skills including the ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively.
  • Capacity and time to undertake the role.
  • Sound planning and Organisational skills.
  • Maintain the physical capability to undertake the Outdoors Leader role safely.

Ongoing requirements

  • Commitment to the Promise and Law.
  • Compliance with the Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct.
  • Meet ongoing requirements for any outdoor specialist skills.
  • Commitment to ongoing self-development and learning.
  • Wearing of the Guide uniform.

Appointment review

  • ‘New to Role’ Review completed with District Manager or Region Manager six months following appointment.
  • Role currency checks (including First Aid) as required.
  • Participation in a Annual Role Review as required.

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