Good Service Awards for Members

Adult Good Service Awards for members include:

This downloadable guide contains completed sample nomination forms for different types of awards,  sample letters of support and details of the Awards to assist nominators with their Award application.

Click here to view the Awards System as outlined in the Adult Good Service Awards Membership Recognition Framework.

Good Service Awards Criteria

A standard set of descriptors for each Good Service Award has been developed to provide detail and to complement the Adult Good Service & Membership Awards Framework.

All Adult Good Service Awards are recognised incorporating these criteria:

  • Evidence is shown that the Adult Member fulfils her role as defined by the position description;
  • PLUS  Evidence is shown that the Adult Member gives service to GGA above that which is defined in the Position Description for her role, in any of the following areas;   Locally, Within the Region; Within the State, Within Australia, across the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts;
  • AND there is ongoing evidence that the Adult Member provides good service in keeping with the Guide Promise and Guide Law and that their behaviour is in keeping with the Code of Conduct;
  • There is tangible evidence of support for others and the GGA; contribution to the growth and development of the movement in a way that is over and above the role descriptor and sustained commitment to Guiding

How to apply

Please use the appropriate form as listed below for each Award.

Application Form for Boronia.

Application for all other awards other than Boronia – AW.13 Australian Adult Good Service Award Nomination Form

  • Allow adequate time if there is special presentation function planned. (At least 8 weeks from date of application)
  • Read the relevant information in Guide Lines in particular the criteria for awards
  • Carefully completed each section of the application form in black/blue ink or typing, writing N/A if a section is not applicable
  • Provide sufficient information to enable the Awards Committee to reach a decision. Assume the Awards Committee has no prior knowledge of this person. Only include information relevant to the service since the last award.
  • Attach any additional supporting documentation with the nominee’s name on the top (bullet points are acceptable).Remember it is the Proposer’s or initiator’s responsibility to co-ordinate collection of necessary paperwork
  • Seek the approval of the Relevant Manager or Chairperson for the nomination and had the Nomination form signed accordingly
  • Check that  you have followed the correct procedure please refer to the Good Service Awards Application Flowchart
  • Contact your State Awards Chairperson if you require any assistance
What Now?

Forward the completed nomination form and supporting information clearly marked “Confidential” to the relevant State Office or in the case of someone’s contribution being undertaken at National or World level  to National Office for the attention of the Awards Committee.

In the case of a Boronia Award the nomination form is forwarded to the relevant State Office for information and recording on the database according to state protocol.

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