Transport Policy

Girl Guides Australia is committed to providing a safe environment for its members. Girl Guides Australia expects members to strictly adhere to all State legislation, regulations and safety guidelines governing the particular mode of transport employed in the course of Guiding.

Road Travel to and from Girl Guide activities

Where possible, adult members should not travel 1:1 with individual youth members, including travelling in vehicles.

It is preferable that any carpooling for travel to/from a Girl Guide activity be organised by the parent/carer and not by the Leaders.

In addition:

  • The travel must be directly related to the delivery of Girl Guides Australia programs;
  • If Leader/parent is arranging transport, they must bring the transport arrangements to the attention of other parent/carer and obtain their consent prior to travel;
  • Probationary/Provisional drivers are only permitted in accordance with State rules; and
  • The Driver must not be a ‘Learner’

Where private vehicles are used to transport members, the driver must ensure that:

  • The vehicle is currently registered;
  • The Driver holds a current driver’s licence appropriate for the vehicle being used;
  • There is a seatbelt for each person travelling in the vehicle;
  • The vehicle is not a motorcycle or scooter; and that
  • The Driver is aware of the signs and symptoms of driver fatigue and takes all practical measures to ensure the safety of themselves and all

When travelling by bus or coach, the Leader in Charge must take all reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • Where available the bus or coach must be equipped with seat belts;
  • When a seatbelt is supplied, each passenger travels with the seatbelt correctly fastened and remains seated at all times; and that
  • Ratios as set out by Guidelines should be adhered to all times whilst If the Leader in Charge is the driver, she must appoint another Leader to be in charge whilst travelling.

Public Transport

Public transport includes taxis, ferries, trains, light rail, buses and trams. The Leader in Charge is to ensure that the prescribed supervision ratios are maintained at all times. See Ratios at a Glance

Air Transport:

Domestic – Where possible youth members should travel in groups and be chaperoned by an adult with a Working With Children clearance. Airline unaccompanied minor policies must be adhered to, and all unaccompanied minors are to be supervised at airport until departure and met on arrival by an adult.

International –Youth members must be accompanied by an adult chaperone/Contingent Leader appointed by the National International Manager of Girl Guides Australia. Special circumstances to vary this policy may be considered on a case by case basis by the National International Manager.

Supervision ratios should be maintained where possible. See Ratios at a Glance

Land Transport Overseas

Pre or Post overseas event travel to be undertaken by public transport or commercial tour companies where possible. Girl Guides Australia does not encourage the hire of rental vehicles overseas by members.

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