Substance Abuse

Girl Guides Australia aims to present a responsible image to parents, Members and the public generally. The program encourages girls to be aware of the health and social risks of substance abuse.

Adult Members are made aware of the example they set to youth Members in practice of a healthy lifestyle.

Members must observe local and State laws and regulations as they relate to smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use.


Girl Guides Australia adhere to State licensing, liquor and drink driving laws and recognises it is illegal for people under 18 years of age to drink or serve alcohol.

Girl Guides Australia does not permit alcohol at Guide functions and activities where those attending are predominantly under 18 years of age.

Members have a duty of care not to consume alcohol while responsible for young people under 18 years of age or while in charge of adventure-based activities.

When alcohol is available at an adults only Guiding event, non-alcoholic drinks should also be provided.


All Leaders/Managers should make themselves familiar with the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and be aware of the resources available in the community that offer assistance to girls and their families.


Girl Guides Australia aims to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is the responsibility of Leaders/Managers to encourage youth Members not to smoke. Leaders/Managers should be aware of the legislation in their State relations to the age requirements for the purchase of cigarettes.

Smoking is not permitted during meeting time.

‘No Smoking’ signs in Guide premises should be observed.


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