National Strategic Plan

Girl Guides Australia have a unique place in Australia.  Delivering our program and services to girls and young women through the proven ‘Girl Guide Method’, is what makes Girl Guides Australia different.

In a world where girls and young women must continue to be empowered to have their voices heard, Girl Guiding needs to be more accessible, to more girls and more young women across greater and more diverse communities.

Being responsive to the needs of our community and maintaining our relevance to Australian girls and young women is our challenge moving forward.  To grow and expand our reach Girl Guides Australia will need to:

  • Provide more innovative, flexible and fun learning opportunities to girls and young women
  • Provide our current and future volunteers with the best possible experience
  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of our organisation

The 2015-2020 strategy aims to grow Girl Guides Australia in challenging times by supporting our volunteers, our organisation and our movement to focus on empowering girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.  By focusing on building on strong foundations of great people, good governance and a commitment to evolve, Girl Guides Australia will achieve its aim to increase our adult membership by 25% and youth members by 50% by 2020.

Our Strategy

How will the Strategy achieve outcomes for Girl Guides?
The Strategy will achieve its goals and aim by delivering against three interconnected goals. These goals clearly define our three areas of action:


The goals are underpinned by the three foundations of our work – having great people, good governance and a commitment to evolve with the times.
Nationally our work and activities will be geared to align with four strategic areas:

–   To provide the best services and most relevant offer to the Australian Community
–   To provide the best volunteer experience to the Australian Community
–   To be user friendly and unified
–   To be financially secure
Signed off and agreed to by Girl Guides Australia and all State Girl Guide Organisations, our strategic framework is as follows:


GGA Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

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