The forms on this page are national forms.  Your State organisation may have additional forms and/or processes.  Discuss with your District Manager or relevant State personnel.

Feedback, Complaints and Incident Reports 

Girl Guide Complaint Form

Girl Guide Incident Report (replaces ADM.24a and ADM.24b)

‘Tell Us What You Are Worried About?’ Form for Youth Members

Guiding Activities & Events 

Activity Consent Form for Youth Members 2022 (ADM.27)

Adult Information Form For Activities  (ADM.28)

Camp/Adventure-based Event Application Form  (OUT.01)

Camp/Adventure-based Event Report  (OUT.03)

Administration of Medication Guidelines (ADM.53)

Medication Administered to Youth Members Form (ADM.53a)

First Aid Treatment Record (ADM.53b)

Risk Assessment Plan for Operational Risks (ORP/ADM.56a)

Risk Assessment Plan for Outdoor Activities (ADM.56b) Fillable

Risk Assessment Plan for Outdoor Activities (ADM.56b) PDF

Awards & Guiding Management


Asia Pacific Award Application Form (AW.7)

Australian Adult Good Service Award Nomination Form (AW.13)

Australian Adult Good Service Award Nomination Form – Non Member (AW.14)

Boronia Award Application Form (AW.12)

Gallantry Award Nomination Form (AW.10)

Years of Membership Application Form (AW.11)

Guiding Management

Application Form – Australian Position (ADM.4c)

Nomination Form – International Delegate (ADM.4d)

Role Review Notification (ADM.47)

Special Funds Application Form

Special Purpose Funds Information

Passports & Modules

All Passports and Modules can be found on the Leaders & Managers section of the GGA website. This section is password protected – speak to your State Girl Guide Organisation to learn more.

Trefoil Guild 

ATG Form Pack

Advice for Recess or Closure (ATG.9)

Member Registration Form (ATG.5)

Member Transfer (ATG.10)

Nomination for Life OR Honorary Membership (ATG.6)

Nomination for State OR Australian Trefoil Guild Adviser (ATG.1)

Nomination form- Dark Horse OR Southern Cross Coordinators (ATG.11)

Record of Twinning (ATG.14)

Registration Form (ATG.4)

Request for Reimbursement (ATG.8)

Request for Chief Commissioner Appreciation Certificate (ATG.13)

Request to be a member of multiple Trefoil Guilds (ATG.7)

State Annual Census Report (ATG.2)

Thank You Badge Guidelines

Thank You Badge Application (ATG.12)

Thank You Badge Design

Trefoil Guild Annual Census (ATG.3)

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