Supplementary Position Title:    Trainer


Appointed by:                                   State Learning & Development Manager


Reports to:                                        State Learning & Development Manager


Key Relationships:

  • Workshop and training course participants
  • State Learning & Development Team
  • Course and workshop training teams
  • Unit, District and Region teams


Term of Appointment: Three years (can be reappointed after a review is conducted).


Primary purpose of the position:

The Trainer is able to develop and deliver learning sessions in a range of areas and uses a wide range of techniques and skills. She will promote a culture of on-going learning enabling members to learn and apply new skills and knowledge.


  1. Training and Facilitating Learning
  • Communicate and engage effectively with girls and women.
  • Practice high-level interpersonal skills including building positive respectful relationships, coaching, conflict resolution, questioning, active listening and empathy.
  • Present sessions, workshops and courses.
  • Facilitate learning, helping participants to discover their own learning.
  • Share skills, knowledge and resources and help others learn.
  • Debrief learning activities.
  • Evaluate sessions.
  • Manage groups and people effectively.
  • Evaluate the course with the participants and the training team.
  • Deliver Leadership Qualification training or Management Qualification training according to her current appointment, qualification and skills.


  1. Designing Learning
  • Respond to learning needs of District/Region/State and design and organise appropriate learning experiences using a variety of modes (face to face, online, webinars etc.) and a variety of techniques (role-plays, scenarios, games, discussions etc.)
  • Assess and respond to the needs of course participants.
  • Design learning experiences to meet the needs of adults with various learning styles and experiences.
  • Use a learner-centred approach to developing adults in Guiding.
  • Plan and prepare learning programs, sessions and resources.
  • Research learning resources.
  • Use the Girl Guide / Girl Scout Method.
  • Create effective adult learning environments.
  • Follow-up with participants after the course.


  1. Administering Workshops and Courses
  • Promote a culture of thanks.
  • Complete administrative responsibilities.
  • Report as requested to the State Learning & Development Manager.



  • Coordinate courses with the team of Trainers and Workshop Presenters – prepare the program, allocate sessions, manage the logistics of the course, communicate with participants, select equipment and resources.
  • Contribute to peer evaluation of sessions presented.


Requirements of appointment to the position

  • Be a Member of a State Girl Guide organisation.
  • Accept the Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct.
  • Be recommended by her Manager.
  • Complete the Learning & Development Qualification and the additional requirements detailed in the Learning & Development Qualification Passport.
  • Facilitate the Leadership Qualification or Management Qualification training courses (according to her current primary appointment, qualification and/or skills). Further information is included in the Learning & Development Qualification Passport Guidance Notes.


Capabilities and personal attributes

  • Commitment to the principles of Guiding and willingness to make or renew the Guide promise.
  • Commitment to the development of girls and women.
  • Good planning and organising skills (including the preparation of sessions and resources).
  • Effective communication skills both one on one and in groups.
  • A positive role model.
  • Capacity and time to undertake the role.
  • Commitment to her own on-going development.


Ongoing requirements

  • Commitment to the Promise and Law.
  • Compliance with the Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct.
  • Commitment to ongoing self-development and learning.
  • Commitment to wearing of the Guide uniform.
  • Meet the ongoing requirements of her current appointment (if relevant) as set out in the relevant Position Description.
  • Commitment to the role of Trainer and membership of the State Learning & Development team.
  • Delivery of a minimum number of hours training per year (as set by the SLDM and her Committee), and recorded in her personal Training Log.


Appointment review

  • ‘New to Role’ Review completed with State Learning & Development Manager six months following appointment.
  • Annual peer evaluation of sessions presented
  • Review of Training Log and hours of training facilitated
  • Participation in Annual Role Review with the State Learning & Development Manager or her nominee as required.


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