Australia Adult Good Service Awards & Membership Recognition

The purpose of the Awards is to recognise the contribution of Adult Members and Non-Member Volunteers to Girl Guides Australia (GGA), its members and the local community, utilising a system that is equitable, credible, relevant and resourced and which can be applied consistently across the organisations and between individuals.

To encourage the proactive and timely recognition of members and supporters of Guiding and ensure the gratitude of GGA is continuously communicated.

Adult Good Service and Membership Award System

The Awards System as outlined in the Adult Good Service & Membership Awards Framework has three categories:


This category recognises commitment to GGA in terms of the number of years of membership and has one Badge, namely “Years of Membership”.

Good Service

This category represents all awards for meritorious service and contribution to GGA whether the involvement is at a local, state, national or international level. The awards are not hierarchical in nature but rather representative of the scope or field in which the service was undertaken.


This set of awards recognises acts of courage across the membership of GGA. This section also includes bravery awards for youth members as well as adults.


Girl Guide achievements are recognised by the following:



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